Dodgy Photographers

Jan 21, 2019

There are so many dodgy photographers out there. They offer the world over the phone, but the end result is such a disappointment. It seems these days that anyone who got a cheap DSLR for Christmas feels they have the right to call themselves a ‘Professional.’ Taking great images takes years of experience, quality equipment and dedication to the art. If you’re looking around for someone to photograph your wedding, birthday party or family portrait, ask the people you’re talking with these key questions:

Do they shoot in RAW and individually process every image, or just shoot in jpg like a mobile phone?

Do they have a website where you can view their portfolio, or do you just go on their word?

Is their camera and gear all professional full-frame equipment, or do they shoot with cropped sensor amateur cameras and kit lenses?

Do they provide images available for viewing and download not only for you but for family and friends as well?

Have they photographed a wedding, birthday party, family portrait before?

Do they have public liability insurance?

The worst feeling is the disappointment you feel when you receive substandard images from your recent event. You can’t go back and do it again, so you’re stuck with ‘average’ images. Don’t be disappointed- go with someone who answers ‘yes’ to all these questions- go with a real professional.