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New Equipment

  So, you've been looking on the web and they have brought out an update of your camera, or there's a brand new 1000 megapixel camera that you've just got to have. You look at your equipment and it suddenly look so old- that's what's holding you back- you need to...

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Dodgy Photographers

  There are so many dodgy photographers out there. They offer the world over the phone, but the end result is such a disappointment. It seems these days that anyone who got a cheap DSLR for Christmas feels they have the right to call themselves a ‘Professional.’...

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Get Out There

There's really only one way to become a better photographer, and that's by taking photos (and being realistic about your results). Watching Youtube videos, reading books, talking to friends all are valuable activities, but they count for nothing if you're not pushing...

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